What do you get when you mix a Writer with an Auntie?

What do you get when you mix a Writer with an Auntie? Not much writing done –but lots of fun putting everything I’ve learnt into practice.

Writing has also been on hold as I’ve been working on family matters – most particularly being a very active Auntie to my two-year-old nephew. It’s so much more fun putting Child Development knowledge into action when it’s your nephew and not your own child. 

I’ve been working on getting my first book ready for publication – and have been building up my bravery muscles to approach Publisher/Agent/Editors…So many choices!

More recently I’ve been experimenting on writing Fiction and poetry, which is new to me. The few poems and fiction stories are new attempts. What I won’t be publishing anytime soon is my NaNoWriMo attempt – an attempt at writing        50 000 words in a month – all in the aim of getting disciplined writing back into my life. It is fun – but is possibly more difficult than to write stories about my children growing up and my disastrous attempts at being their mum.

Anyway, as long as you’re game to read on, you’re welcome to see my attempts.

Welcome Back!


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