They Need a Voice: And we do not let them vote

If they learn,

in the schools that we provide,

how the planet works

we have taught them they have a voice.


If we teach them how to manage the future,

but with our actions destroy their future home,

they have every right to a voice.


If they can see our greed

and short-term vision

destroying their world

their voices must be heard.


If we pay them a small percentage of an adult wage

to do an adult’s job

then they need a voice.


If they are paid as children

but need to pay adult-fares

and food and living expenses,

they need a voice.


If we are willing to employ our young people

to work in, manage or run our businesses,

they have earned a voice.


And when they strike

we should take notice and cheer them on

Because we want them to be responsible

And active



And to be proud of their democratic rights


But the voice we have taught them

is the one we have denied them

– because we do not let them vote.



Julie Hahn

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