Julie writing red hat

To Vote or How To Vote

OH! I still don’t know who I should vote for…. One lot shares money they don’t have; the other lot gets money from selling the environment’s future; yet another lot care for the environment but don’t have the same attitudes towards the value of life and freedom of religion that I value; and my biggest fear is that this year, votes will have been paid for by someone who personally has enough to advertise for himself.

My prediction: The one who paid for votes will do very well indeed. And whichever party I vote for will lose the election. (100% success record so far!) So should I vote for the party I don’t want to win?

Actually, going on last Federal Election, I think the results were called before SA had closed polling booths – so perhaps my vote doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things.

…So, I’m going to vote for the candidates who I know work hard in our area, and listen to their constituents. That way, they get a seat in Parliament and vote according to what they hear from us.

Just think what would happen if we ALL:
– voted for those who we know will represent us in Parliament
– and contacted them between elections.

Goodness! A democracy might actually happen.